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How can I re-download the program if I lost the installer?

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1) You can log into your member account to re-download your installer under “Registration” page.

i) “Resend” Serial Number is to have the product’s serial number displayed on the screen. If the “Email notification enabled” condition is checked, it will also send directly to your email account. Note: you need to re-enter your member password for verification, before your serial number can be resend.
ii) “Download” link is to display the Product Information page with program installation file and Resource Pack/Bonus content available for download.

2) If you are looking for your content packs download, then please go to your member account – Order page. Once you found your bundle package, click [+] or “View detail” to expand for individual download links.

3) For 3rd party products download, you can extract your download link in the member account – Order page, whereas for the serial number/activation key, you need to click the “Serial #” to retrieve it.

4) If you do not see a “Download” link, it means that the re-download period for your purchase has expired. Please bear in mind that we only provide the latest three version re-download service on our web site.Reason being, we cannot guarantee that the program can still support the latest OS. This is also because we do not invest further resources to maintain the program when another 3 generations has been launched.Note: This is ONLY applicable to our main program like iClone and CrazyTalk product lines. For content pack, there is NO expiration date.

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